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The Spy Guy

In November of 1981, Gregg Hosfeld stepped onto his first comedy club stage. Within a year he was working steadily 5 nights a week at 2 different clubs. (Yes, on stage.) It wasn't long before he placed First Runner-up in Florida's Funniest Person in America contest.

The "Spy Guy" is an original and sure-fire juggling theatre piece with an added local flavor, which has the flexibility to be tailored to fit your group or company. Juggling Animal impressions, dyslexic games of tennis, clips from exercise videos, and some other very twisted stuff. Also: torches, rolla bolla, Frisbees, Cigar boxes, audience participation, spitting (it's not what you think), speedy coin catches, and teaching ordinary people tricks they can take home with them.

Contact Gregg to bring the Spy Guy to your next event.

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