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"Pic Tours"

"Pic-Tours" Is THE hilarious series of pictorial stories that brings a whole new meaning to "GET THE PICTURE"? This Comedy Club favorite has been called "One of the funniest bits I've seen" and started from a picture that Hosfeld didn't take.

"It started when I was Driving down I-275, I looked over and saw a Carnival Truck with big red letters that said "TICKETS" with an arrow pointing back to the Squad Car that had just pulled him over! I didn't have my camera and swore I'd never miss another great photo opportunity."


The Pic-Tours collection now tops 3,000 and grows with each road trip. It has gained attention from Dick Clark, appeared in the "teen-zine" Pop Smear, and is frequently performed at corporate events. Pic-Tours will make you laugh and change the way you view the World around you.

Contact Gregg to bring "Pic-Tours" to your next event.

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video clip of Pic-Tours