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Comedy Juggling

Gregg Hosfeld has been juggling professionally for over 20 years. He began juggling to develop his hand-eye coordination and quickly realized it’s comedic possibilities. Clever word play combined with stupid stunts and impressions has earned the dubious description of "Mensa meets Densa."

His uniquely amazing skills and quirky wit have earned him headlining spots in comedy clubs, cruise ships and theme parks including Sea World, Disney and Universal Studios. He also won the title of “Most Stupendous” Juggler at the SE National Championships.

Each Show Includes…
-Bright shiny objects
-Obscure references
-Jokes about someone you know
-Traffic critiques
-Controlled Shrapnel
-Some things being thrown
-Roughly the same # of things being caught
-Questionable fashion sense
-Yuk yuks galore.

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