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World Class Frisbee

Gregg brings his World Class Frisbee skills to his performances as well as clinics, demos and corporate events. Kids and grown-ups alike love the Frisbee clinics, and fun days, partly because they are learning an entirely different set of skills than what most people have grown up with. But mostly because it is a great way to interact and make new friends

Disc Golf has become a popular corporate team building exercise for groups ranging from school kids and faculty to business company teams/depts. Hosfeld has run dozens of disc golf tourneys and has designed & built temporary and permanent courses from the ground up.

Gregg Hosfeld has won over 40 State, National & World Titles in Disc Sports, including the Professional Disc Golf Association World Championship and was inducted into the Disc Golf Hall of Fame in 1998. He has toured all over America doing Disc Sports demonstrations for Wham-o, as well as a feature player in the "Hero Kobo - Artists of Life" tour around Japan. An NBA halftime show for the Orlando Magic and two NFL preshows for the Jacksonville Jaguars opening game as part of the Frisbee Freestyle Rebels. Hosfeld's Frisbee skills have also met with rave reviews on cruise ships, comedy clubs and corporate shows.

Ask about running a Disc Golf event or clinic for your school, next party or festival.

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